Solar Roof Solutions Inc. is a multifaceted roof operation specializing in the installation of a broad spectrum of roofing systems. With over 35 years of combined experience in the roofing industry our President and highly skilled staff possess both the knowledge and experience to provide each customer with a roof system tailored to their particular budget and building or project application.

Our business model is streamlined for the construction industry. While striving to maintain minimal overhead costs; we also use innovative and forward thinking job planning tactics to bring high quality workmanship to our customers at very competitive prices. We also maintain a near debt free company allowing us to be extremely stable in a market facing many ups and downs in the recent, past, and present times giving our customers piece of mind knowing we will be available should any problem arise on a project we've completed within the warranty period provided on the contract. We operate efficiently and creatively while being structured for longevity as a business, which translates to high quality workmanship and direct savings to our customer.

Solar Roof Solutions Inc. would like to thank you for your consideration of our company on any roofing project you may be considering. At Solar Roof Solutions Inc. we understand the imperativeness of excellent communication in the construction industry and we strive to provide each of our customers with the personal attention and communication we would expect of a contractor working on our home or place of business. It is always our goal to provide a quality service on each and every project we commit to as a company no matter how big or small encompassing each of the specific things that we feel are a necessity for the successful outcome of a great project and complete satisfaction of our customers. More specifically we strive for high quality workmanship, excellent communication, on-site cleanliness, on-site safety, and competitive pricing in an industry not particularly known for these qualities. And any other special requests or concerns that a customer may have on a particular project or job we are more than happy to accommodate as well.